Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Music Director of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (2019-present)

The Journey to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Steven Sloane’s relationship with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra began in the 80’s. During this period he helped develop several Israeli musical institutions, among them the orchestra and chorus of the Thelma Yellin school and the Tel Aviv Conservatory.

Steven Sloane also served as Director of the Tel Aviv Vocal Festival and Philharmonic Choir, was resident conductor of the Israeli Opera and conducted all of Israel’s major orchestras. It was during these years that the JSO was the orchestra with which Steven Sloane developed the deepest connection. Even after he continued his international career, this contact was maintained.

Now the Maestro has returned home to the Orchestra, this time as its Music and Artistic Director. The strong vision that Maestro Sloane outlines for the Orchestra puts the diverse community of Jerusalem first, hoping to touch its different aspects and to become the orchestra of the entire city, one that reaches out beyond the concert halls, performing throughout the city; an orchestra which widens its repertoire and opens its arms for new audiences to experience versatile and innovative content.

At the suggestion of former President of the Bundestag Norbert Lammert, the JSO orchestra together with Steven Sloane is planning a concert tour from 19th to the 26th June 2021 to Berlin and Bochum as an important contribution to the German-Jewish festival year 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany. As one of the principal Israeli orchestras, the JSO will be making its guest appearance in Germany for the first time in over a decade.



JSO Tour Konzerthaus Berlin

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra



Klavier-Festival Ruhr

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra



Mahler’s Symphony No. 2

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra I Bochum Symphony Orchestra

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